Over the years I've designed a number of tabletop Role-Playing Gamess and ran dozens of campaigns. Below are a few.

Seedless Bloom and its companion piece Fragmented Rose are an unofficial PBTA adaptation of the infamous game of genuine time travel Continuum Roleplaying in the Yet and it's unfinished sequel, Narcissist.

Wind On The Leaves is a scenario involving military operatives tracking down an occult obsessed rogue officer in the jungles of South America. Launched as part of the Mechanoreceptor Memorial. If you enjoyed it, consider donating.

Imperium is a post-fantasy planar empire building RPG based on a single d10. The setting is a blend of Planescape, Altered Carbon, and Cryptomancer.

Under Poison Stars is a diceless, bidding based RPG of Lovecraftian Horror.

Apocrypha is a minimalist d10 based fantasy RPG in a Lovecraftian Horror setting.

Anamnesis is minimalist Rock, Paper, Scissor RPG of godhood.

Vampire The Requirem: RPS is hack of the famous RPG, using the Rock, Paper, Scissor system from Anamnesis.

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